The Deuces Wild Endurance Festival offers many triathlons, aquabikes, runs and relays.  Here is a breakdown of distances of each with a link to their respective pages.

Race Swim Bike Run
DeuceMan Half Triathlon 1.2mi 56mi 13.1mi
DeuceMan Half Aquabike 1.2mi 56mi N/A
DeuceMan Half Relay 1.2mi 56mi 13.1mi
Olympic Triathlon 1500m 40km 10km
Olympic Aquabike 1500m 40km N/A
Olympic Relay 1500m 40km 10km
Sprint Triathlon 800m 10mi 5km
Sprint Aquabike 800m 10mi N/A
Sprint Relay 800m 10mi 5km
Youth Triathlon (5-8 years) 50m 1.2mi .55mi
Youth Triathlon (9-12 years) 200m 2.75mi 1mi
Youth Triathlon (13-15 years) 200m 4mi 1mi
XTERRA Triathlon 800m 24km 8km
XTERRA Relay 800m 24km 8km
Half Marathon N/A N/A 13.1mi
10k N/A N/A 10km
5k N/A N/A 5km
8k Trail Run N/A N/A 8km

The Arizona Tri Series is composed of 5 events: